3D Metrology Solutions provides quality 3D solutions to typical problems encountered in the manufacturing process and product development.  We use the latest 3D scanning technology to address complex measurement needs and provide affordable solutions to our clients.

Easier access to what the technology world has to offer is what every company expects. 3D Metrology Solutions is here to help meet that expectation, providing the access to the 3D digital world to those who wish to take advantage of it at an affordable price.

The technologies used in the manufacturing and product development processes are increasingly relying on 3D CAD data in order to improve quality and design. We help companies reduce the cost and time it takes to obtain such complex data by having the 3D technology within their reach. We convert their physical forms into 3D digital data and offer the following services:
  • Digitizing/Scanning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Photogrammetry
3D Metrology Solutions is capable of providing 3D solutions to the most demanding measurement challenges for organizations of any size. Our scanning technology allows us to be mobile and we are able to provide on-site services at your facility.

To see a list of some of the typical challenges solved click HERE.

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