Company Overview

We are a 3D scanning company - but that's just for short. We are real people who are straight-forward and passionate that believes in making things simple to understand. Our goal is to provide the best 3D scanning service to our clients with a human touch. We will go further than most to provide you the best experience and earn your trust. We understand that technology changes rapidly, but we are making our business to keep you current in the 3D world.

3D Metrology Solutions was formed to give our clients the ability to focus on their core competencies while reducing cost and time.  Utilizing the latest 3D scanning technology will allow us to provide the quickest and most accurate 3D solutions to our clients at an affordable price.  3D Metrology Solutions is focused on hiring high quality individuals to ensure continued quality of our resources and the work we perform for our clients.  "Scanning With Passion" is what we strive for.

Focused On Your Needs

3D Metrology Solutions is focused solely on doing outstanding work for clients. We convert physical forms into accurate 3D digital data that captures the measurements for use in analysis, design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, restoration, archiving, quality inspection and reverse engineering. Our 3D scanning services includes the following:

  • Digitizing/Scanning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Photogrammetry
Clients count on 3D Metrology Solutions to simplify their lives by taking their most demanding measurement challenges off their hands. 3D Metrology Solutions help companies, small or big, become more competitive in the market place by simplifying the manufacturing and product develpment process. By providing quick, accurate 3D solutions to our clients they are able to focus on what their business does best.

Our Mission

We do not want to just satisfy our clients.  We aim to consistently exceed their expectations.  Our business is to help provide affordable 3D scanning solutions that will help reduce costs in the manufacturing process and product development.  We are committed to delivering quality 3D solutions to our clients.