Industry Solutions

At 3D Metrology Solutions, we are committed to providing the most affordable 3D solutions to our clients by making the technology available to them.  We expanded our services to the following industries to address complex measuring challenges in each.


Drive competitive advantage for engineering design and inspection for power train, chassis, body, sheet metal, and plastic parts.


Meet mission critical safety, performance specifications and perform FEA and CFD analysis on as-built assemblies.

Art & Archeology

Archive cultural heritage and share virtual digital museums. Prevent forgery and theft; analyze the affect of handling, damage, and wear.

Consumer Products

Develop breakthrough design for consumer products for mass markets. Bring natural shape and form into design for best ergonomics.

Dental Reconstruction

Create perfect smiles and improve function. Model tooth shape digitally, for better crowns or bridges and best patient experience.

Dies & Molds

Generate missing CAD data for sheet metal or plastic dies and molds that originally did not exist. Compare data to the original CAD design for better quality inspection.

Medical Reconstruction & Device

Maximize quality of life with better joint replacement or reconstructive surgery and perfect fitting orthopedic devices.

Turbine Machinery

Capture turbine design for reuse on retrofit projects. Perform one hundred percent inspection with analysis for blade features.