Allowing our clients to leverage the latest 3D scanning technology from our services, we are able to help them enter the 3D digital world without the expense of having to invest into the technology itself.  By providing accurate 3D digital data to our clients, they will be able to view and modify the data as they please.  This will help them save on cost and time from modifying the actual part, model or object.


Perform complete accurate analysis on actual parts – digitally. Assess true performance characteristics to compare with CAD model-based analysis.

Custom Manufacturing

Enable mass customization. Rapidly prototype and manufacture unique individualized products as a competitive advantage over mass production.

Digital Archiving

Record physical characteristics of designs or natural objects for archival purposes when CAD files do not exist, or accurate 3D representation is required.

Industrial Design

Incorporate unique shapes into design and engineering of new industrial and consumer products from natural or hand-sculpted forms.

Quality Inspection

Compare accurate digital models with CAD to ensure products meet intended design and performance characteristics within specified tolerances.

Reverse Engineering

Create accurate digital models of existing components, re-design and re-engineer parts. Hand-worked changes for CAD can be captured.


Digitally express complex 3D models of physical objects. Enable collaboration and sharing of 3D descriptions of physical objects for better decision making.

Additional Applications:

  • 1st Article Inspection
  • Blow & Injection Molding
  • CAD Comparison
  • Digital Mock-Up
  • Dies & Molds Confirmation
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Sheet Metal Analysis
  • and much more!