3D Metrology Solutions enable clients to improve processes and cut costs to achieve their industry objectives.  The following is a list of services we provide:


Equipped with the latest 3D coordinate measurement technology, we are capable of measuring and digitizing any type of object, small or large.

Quality Assurance

We help provide evidence that the object(s) meets quality standards and that all quality-related activities are being performed effectively.

Reverse Engineering

Creating 3D surface models will help aid in discovering technological principles of any object through analysis of its structure utilizing our 3D scanning systems and software.


We can identify 3D coordinates that define the locations of the object points in 3D space through photographic images from different positions utilizing reference markers. This provides accurate measurements of large objects for quality inspection. This can be used for deformation analysis of objects under various climate differences and loads.

On-Site Services
3D Metrology Solutions offers on-site services for those objects that are impractical to ship. Our scanning specialists will arrive at your facility with the latest scanning technology to capture the 3D measurements that you need. They will be able to provide you the results as quickly as possible and will ensure that the data you received is the data that you are looking for.

We have specialized software that outputs our work in several different 3D formats. Your 3D data can be imported and be used directly for analysis, design, measurements, inspection or whatever your needs may be. The following is a list of formats that we currently have available, please contact us if you do not see your format listed and we will try our best to accommodate:
  • G3D
  • STL
  • PLY
  • IGES